Strategic tips for yellow and red tickets betting in football

If a sports event is more or less significant, bookmakers suggest trying to predict almost any kind of event. In particular, large bookmakers accept bids on game statistics. The statistics market is subdivided into sections.

What types of bets can be made on cards

The structure of the data market by tickets is similar to such a structure of fields covering bets on the main outcome of the football game. A gambler could bet on the victory of this or that team or on a draw, that is, equality on the received warnings. Wages are accepted on the total of the football event on tickets of every type separately, on the single whole of every of the crews. All of the described types of bids are duplicated for every half. Special focus could be made on the bets on the single whole for the tickets of every single footballer.

Taking risk on yellow and red cards

With the aim of beating bookmakers on wages on cards, a gambler should consider the principle of their distribution in the football game and try to work out an effective strategy on this basis. So, what factors should you rely on when placing bids on statistics on cards:

  • Match type.
    The more important the football match is, the more likely the game will be tough and rich in fouls on both sides. If a key event of a tournament is being played, you can take the overall amount of yellow tickets for more. This is especially true for cup matches and knockout playoffs.
  • The identity of the arbiter.
    The expected nature of the match, depending on the composition of the opponents and the tournament motivation, is certainly a key factor, but it could be significantly adjusted by the role of the referee. The point is that each judge has his own way of arbitration.
  • Player personality.
    You could gamble on yellow and red tickets not exclusively in terms of crews, but also footballers. There are players, in particular the defenders, who play in a very dirty and rough manner. It makes sense to choose a gambling strategy based on the fact that such a person will obtain a yellow or red ticket in the sports event.

Gambler’s personal decision

In case a gambler assumes that the football event would remain intriguing until the last moment and tension in it could appear, you should gamble on tickets in the last 15 minutes of the match. On the contrary, in the case when an easy victory for one of the teams is expected and the outcome of the match should be decided by the 75th minute, you can bet on the absence of cards in a calm and measured ending of the match.